Wine - hand made in small batches

Eastwell Estate wine reflects all that is grand about the Great Southern wine region and cool climate winemaking. The reds are elegent and fruity without being too jammy or overcooked. The whites are crisp and refreshing, often floral and lifted on the nose.

We make our wine at the Rickety Gate Winery with Russell Hubbard and John Wade. Always a wealth of knowledge, Russell and John apply a ‘gently-gently’ approach to the winemaking process. Our hope is that the fruit will express the place and season it was grown in. Minimal preservatives are used in the production of our wine.

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Basket PressShiraz FermentingOur Vineyard
65 Year old Basket PressOur All Natural 2010 Shiraz in the making!In the background- Our Olivegrove