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Shiraz at Fernbrook Winery

26th Apr 2010

We are very fortunate to have the opportunity to make 4 tonne of Shiraz at Fernbrook Estate Winery this year. Todd, from Fernbrook, is guiding me through the makings of our first preservative free red wine. During destemming, wonderful aromas of fresh Raspberry filled the air. Good colour extraction so far, and noted subtle anise aroma and red berry characters. We are plunging the wine twice a day at the moment to extract colour and flavour from the skins. Its great to back in the winery!

Hand Harvesting

8th Apr 2010

We hand harvested our 2010 Sauvignon Blanc on the 1st of April! Ripe flavours of lyche and melon were present in the delicious berries. Bird damage has been minimal this season, due to the abundant Marri blossom and our new audio bird scarer.


7th Feb 2010

The grapes are approaching the onset of ripening (veraison), a few berries are colouring up, swelling and the bunches are beginning to fill out. The growing season so far has thankfully been quite dry, so we are supplementing the fading soil moisture with minimal irrigation from our dam.