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Tuck and Pluck - Wire Lifting and Shoot Thinning

6th Dec 2010

November has been a busy month setting the vines up for the remainder of the growing season with the best possible canopy architecture and fruit load. By removing unproductive shoots and reducing crowding around spurs, we aim to allow more airflow and light into the canopy to help naturally manage disease and accumulate good concentrated flavours in the grapes.

A Dry Budburst and a Frost event

3rd Nov 2010

Our driest budburst so far this year. We also experienced a frost event, that thankfully only caused a small amount of damage in the Sauvignon Blanc. Due to the slope of the site, good cold air drainage has minimised the severity of the damage. I heard on the grapevine that other local vineyards were hit hard. This is the first frost damage I have seen in the region in the past 4 years! 

Pruning is well underway

28th Jul 2010

We are busy pruning at the moment The whites are almost finished, then its into the Merlot, the Shiraz and Cabernet. Only a little rain so far, when the sun is out its like Summer, when it ducks behind a cloud you need two jumpers! Dad has taken to pruning in his sleep by the light of the moon.