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Denmark wine tour for Paul and Jessie
25th Aug 2009

To celebrate their stay, I took Paul and Jessie on a wine tour along Denmark's Scotsdale tourist drive yesterday. We took in Howard Park, Matildas, Somerset Hill and Forest Hill. All wines were excellent, but the highlights were the friendly service at Matildas and tasting with Graham Upson at Somerset Hill who was very generous with his time and knowledge. A great day was had by all. We say goodbye to Paul and Jessie today and wish them all the best with the last leg of thier journey by road to Melbourne where they will fly back to Taiwan. It has been wonderful to get to know them both and learn about Taiwan and Taiwanese culture.


More help with pruning
16th Aug 2009

We have two fab guests staying with us and helping out with pruning! Jessie and Paul hail from Taiwan and have been travelling around OZ since September 08. They are both very interested in Australian wine, so many bottles have been opened while teaching each other new words and talking global politics.



Vineyard Cat
2nd Aug 2009

Last week saw a thankful return to the Vineyard by Dan and we set about pruning the Semillon. Our fearless shed cat D'artanian and Dan became fast friends, he even followed us down the vineyard and hung out for the morning pruning session!