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two become one
1st Aug 2011

Its full steam ahead with pruning in the vineyard at the moment. Today we took the plunge and attacked the ten rows of the Sauvignon Blanc that was trained to a double cordon. This job has been on my mind for a couple of seasons, as the double cordon has made management problematic, with increased incidence of mildew caused by overcrowding. Dad and I chopped out the top cordon, leaving the bottom cordon in place and cut out the top wire. Tomorrow we will hook up the grow-wire to the ATV and tow it out of the vineyard. This will match up these ten rows with the remainder of the Sauvignon Blanc (24 rows in total) that is trained to a single wire, resulting in less yield but more flavour intensity and in turn a higher quality product. It is a great feeling to make changes that will have a strong impact on increasing the quality of our product for our valued customers.


The dam is filling again - whew!
25th Jul 2011

Hello friends.
Wow. lots to talk about. Firstly a BIG massive thanks to Clare and Heath for a cracking new website design. It still needs fleshing out by the website fairies, but a huge improvement on my last design. Yes indeed.
I am just about to send out a pre-order offer for our very limited edition new wine the 2009 Tall Tree Shiraz! If you are a wine club member, then look for it in your inbox shortly. If you're not a member, email me nicely ( and Ill sign u up for freeeee. Well, its back to the vineyard for me - its pruning time down here at the moment and even though its wet and cold out there, the rain is so appreciated.


Spring in the Vineyard
29th Oct 2009


Sorry about the lack of posts.. It has been a busy time of late both in the vineyard and winery. Budburst has come and gone and due to the high levels of soil moisture and abundant sunshine, the shoots are growing very quickly. On the wine side we are currently in the process of releasing two new whites and reds.. Very Exciting! The pricing is now up in the shop, so you can purchase. In the coming weeks there will be a new site layout to showcase these wines, as well as specials, promotions and even a launch party ect.. so stay tuned.

- Matt