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Spring in the Vineyard
7th Oct 2012

Bud burst in the Shiraz and gradually the vineyard is becoming green again!

We have had a couple of cold fronts coming through which have delayed things in the Sauvignon Blanc and Semillon, but the dams are overflowing and the lambs are getting fat on the lush pastures.

Our annual members dinner at Padburys was a lot of fun. Make sure that you book in early for next year :)


Plunging ferments is a highlight of vintage
26th Apr 2012

Unfortunately the technology for me to sample and send aromas digitally has yet to filter down. So a picture of the best, much loved (though soon to be retired) plunger -in action- will have to do. This good ol gal [the plunger] may even be older than me. Out of frame and attached to the other end is Todd the Fernbrook Estate / Montefalco / Gnornmbup Winemaker and all round top bloke to do vintage with.


Harvesting Underway!
28th Mar 2012

The picking teams have been arriving at first light which means long days for the support crew who are still hard at it at dusk!!

This vintage has been a cracker, with great quality fruit in all varieties. This is our third year using organic and biodynamic farming processes in the vineyard and the results are amazing.

We will be making our first no added preservative Semillon this year....stay tuned for further info