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Freehand Natural wines
18th Sep 2013

Ive just picked up the new Freehand labels, so we can now offer our Preservative Free 2010 Shiraz, 2012 Semillon and a vertical release of 02,03 and 04 cellar aged Cabernet Sauvignon! These wines are available to purchase from today in our online shop. Im up in Perth for the rest of the week to present the Freehand wines to trade. If you have a favourite liquor shop in WA, let me know and I'll pay them a visit!

Dad and his mate Don are finishing off the pruning, its just the Cabernet to go now and then we are finished pruning for another year. The Shiraz and Semillon vines have woken up and are pushing the first of the seasons growth, so it seems like spring is just round the corner.. even though the weather is still so chilly and rainy


2nd Aug 2013
2nd Aug 2013

Pruning is our main task in the vineyard at the moment. Dad has finished the Shiraz and returned to Perth for a rest. Frank (our French WOOFER and myself have finished the Semillon and are currently in the Sauvignon Blanc. Only the Cabernet and Merlot to go!!


december 13th 2012
13th Dec 2012

Rain rain go away! Thunderstorms are upsetting my work programme in the vineyard, but give me a chance to attend to blogs and cups of tea.

We have had a wonderful season so far, lots of rain when I was starting to think about irrigating. Nice hot days following rain to dry out the canopy. Lovely fruit set in the Shiraz and Semillon, and touch wood, a very disease free organic vineyard!

Currently I would like to be slashing, spraying, lifting wires and de-suckering all at once. Maybe I could invent a machine to do all of the above.. hmmm. leave it with me

We are bottling a Cab Merlot in the next week from the 2010 vintage, it has aromas of blackberry, spice and all things nice.

I hope its raining where you are (unless your a wheat farmer)

- matt e